HTML Structure
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HTML Structure

HTML website has header, a navigation, the main, the section part, and the footer part.
HTML Structure

Think about the stories you read in a newspaper: for each story, there will be a headline, some text, and possibly some images. If the article is a long piece, there may be subheadings that split the story into separate sections or quotes from those involved. Structure helps readers understand the stories in the newspaper. The structure is very similar when a news story is viewed online.

structure of website

There are different tags that makeup structure of web page. The html element, the body element are the main tags in marking markup. Further the head tag is also essential component in SEO of web application. The <header> tag makes the top of web page, the main tag help in building the main part of page and finally the footer tag is here to make up last portion of web page. Read more at structure of website.

html website layout

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